Tug Westview Chinook was assisting the 63’ George H Ledcor tug and its loaded gravel barge in the North Arm of the Fraser River. The barge Girded the Ledcor tug putting 4 crew in the water. The Westview Chinook recovered all 4 crew and secured the tug alongside at the Sea Island Barge tie-up. Initial booming was conducted, and the responsible party made arrangements to right the Vessel. WCMRC was tasked and designated at staging area at MacDonald Beach.

At approx. 2000 PDT August 16, 2018 CCG ER crews confirmed the George H. Ledcor was taken out of the water at Arrow Shipyard. All on scene CCG assets were stood down for the night.

 Fraser River Park has been assessed by the City of Vancouver and has been re-opened after finding no impact from the spill.


  • First Nation Incident Commander – Morgan Guerin
  • Federal Incident Commander – Timothy McCann
  • Provincial Incident Commander – Ken Meeks
  • Municipal Incident Commander – Chad Paulin
  • Responsible Party Incident Commander – Mark McElligott


  • Ensure safety of responders and the public.
  • Manage a coordinated response.
  • Minimize the risk of release of pollutants.
  • Maximize protection of sensitive areas (biological, cultural, economic and socio-economic).
  • Contain, recover and dispose of spilled product.
  • Monitor for impacts on the environment.
  • Ensure timely and effective communication of incident partners, stakeholders, public, and senior managers.


  • Safety protocols remain in place for SCAT teams and there have been no injuries or incident reported throughout the last operational period.
  • Notice to Shipping P-1129 for the salvage operation was cancelled (P-1135)


  • Tug was removed from the water at Arrow Shipyard at approx. 2000 PDT August 16, 2018.
  • Offloading of oily water from the barges into vac trucks.
    • FRPD GE #6 is alongside the FRPD Dock in New Westminster waiting to be pumped out.
    • WCMRC Sentinel 208 is alongside Arrow Shipyard waiting to be pumped out.


  • Environmental Unit currently presenting sampling processes to the Unified Command and the Sampling Plan will be finalized and actioned.
  • 1 SCAT team has been deployed to the incident site.
  • Additional details to come.


  • Demobilization of response assets underway.


  • The ICP continues to operate out of the Musqueam Hall at 6615 Salish Drive.


  • The staging area at McDonald Beach Park is in the process of being demobilized.


FORECAST: Wind southeast 5 to 15 knots except northwest 15 to 20 near Vancouver Island. Wind becoming light late this morning then becoming southeast 5 to 15 early this evening. Wind becoming light near midnight then becoming northwest 10 to 15 overnight except northwest 15 to 20 near Vancouver Island overnight and Saturday morning.

WIND: Winds E 9 kts

TIDE: High tide @ 1134 PDT – at a depth of 2.7 meters


  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  •  Musqueam First Nation
  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Environment Climate Change Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Transportation Safety Board
  • City of Vancouver
  • Port Metro Vancouver
  • City of Richmond
  • Ledcor
  • Canadian Wildlife Service
  • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • EMBC
    • Tsleil-Waututh First Nation
    • First Nations Health Authority